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This groundbreaking program includes everything you need to run your business without your direct involvement and is destined to become the industry standard.



  • The key to increased revenue through creative listening
  • What to say and how to say it to get more yeses from your prospects.
  • Determine and remove any impediments to a transaction that may not be immediately obvious.
  • A key to unlocking high-profit questioning
  • How to come out on top in a bargaining situation

Take this course if you want to learn how to market more effectively without sounding like a used car salesperson.

the cash flow accelerator system

  • How To Build a Money Machine
  • How To Uncover the Right House and Buyer Insider Secrets
  • How To Structure Deals for Maximum Profits
  • How To Master Positive Cash Flow Mechanics
  • How To Choose Between Lease Option and Deposit Builder Contracts
  • How To Easily Attract Motivated Buyers
  • How To Navigate the Do’s And Don’ts for Newbies
  • How To Achieve Real Estate Success by Pre-Qualifying Buyers and Capitalizing on Challenges


Are you seeking an alternative to the conventional property investment methods that demand substantial upfront capital? Are you eager to discover the art of property investment without a significant initial financial commitment? If your answer is yes, the NO MONEY DOWN SYSTEM offers the ideal solution for your needs!

rent to own lease options course Updated


Are you facing challenges securing bank financing? Do you have limited personal funds for investment? Or perhaps you’re unsure where to start?

In the midst of the GFC, Rick Otton pioneered a groundbreaking concept in the UK market, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in innovative real estate solutions and options.


  • What to Do Tomorrow To Get Started
  • How To Create A Money Machine!
  • How To Identify The Right House And Buyer Insider Secrets
  • How To Structure Deals For Maximum Profit
  • Lease Options Or Instalment Contracts
  • Easy Ways To Attract Motivated Buyers
  • The Do’s And Don’ts For Newbies
  • Pre-Qualify Buyers


The Wrap Pack, the first owner finance course in the field of creative real estate, is the best tool for anyone trying to understand the complexities of real estate transactions.


Are you sick and tired of wasting your time and energy on fruitless phone conversations that don’t provide any genuine results? Dialing for Dollars/Pounds, the audio course that will change the way you speak with buyers and sellers

New Program!


Join our Profitable Deal Playbook 9 week interactive training and get ready to transform your property investing game!


Are you tired of feeling like you’re always chasing after accountants, agents, and mortgage brokers?


How To Move From the Position of Buyer To Assistant Seller So You Can Work From Your Hammock” and Phrases that will make you money


Welcome to the classic Creative Property Podcast, the audio program that changed how people thought about real estate investing!

New Program!

Every Buyer Question Answered so you complete more deals

This new program covers all questions when dealing with potential buyers or renters of your property.


The Engine room program that started it all was the Live event peppered with student case studies, comprehensive materials to use as a reference library and the real estate show unmatched for quality developed for markets internationally.


My new course, “How to Get People to Give You Money,” will prepare you for what’s to come, so let me tell you about it. Take advantage of the instruction in this course to rephrase frequent reactions and put pineapple words to good use.



In this program, we simplify everyday business, real estate, and legal terms. Whether you’re talking to your parents, a real estate agent, or a mortgage broker, we help you use language that speeds up decision-making, fosters progress, and boosts your income!


For every step of every process we have created and included either a flowchart, mind map or a checklist and here is why


This product complete with audios and video shows in details how others will spend their resources including time and cash in order in profit allowing you to profit by just selling them the opportunity.


These 15 videos to camera provide you with a treasure trove of proven sales scripts, techniques, and insider tips.


Introducing Signs that Sell


There will be 22 subjects you need to have mastery in and I have fast tracked you by creating video programs here so you get jump to the next level of growth and earnings without having to experience the mistakes of the learning

Complete Real Estate Mastery: All-in-One Deal, Unbeatable Price!

Unlock 40 years of real estate mastery today with “The Whole Enchilada”! This all-inclusive package bundles our Creative Real Estate Made Easy courses at an unbeatable price.

Access everything you need to thrive in creative real estate—find motivated sellers, close deals, and craft win-win financing solutions, all without breaking the bank.

Get the Whole Enchilada Pack Worth £16,096 for Just £5,091 in 3 Easy Installments! But Wait, There's More!

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  • Describes Rick’s precise method for employing personnel without first meeting them.
  • All of Rick’s business dealings and gains are based on things he has never seen, owned by individuals he has never met, and generally taking place in places he has never been.

Without physically being there, investing, purchasing, and selling can be just as profitable with significantly fewer overhead costs and higher net profits.
This site has everything you require to fully outsource, enabling you to stay here while enjoying the advantages of having your business “located” somewhere.

Rick Otton received recognition for his contributions to the first “Body Language” book, which went on to sell over 15 million copies. In 1986, Rick would contribute to “Talk Language,” and he would spend the next forty years becoming an expert in subliminal science.

You will be introduced to both conscious and unconscious awareness during this course, which makes it unique. With this ability, people will be vying for what you possess instead of you trying to sell things.

You will learn how to identify and overcome hidden obstacles that could impede a sale, as well as 17 proven behaviors that you can implement immediately.

You will also receive advanced training on how to ask the questions that lead to quick transactions and conclude deals without any opposition.

We’ll teach you how to assess and improve your own sales results. Discover how to spot possible risks to your business and how to take preventative measures.

Your prospect will find it easy to accept your offer if you use our magic words, phrases, and scripts.

Regardless of whether they have ever sold cupcakes at a school fair, everyone may profit from this training.

We’ll reveal the techniques of a profitable sales transaction so that you can turn your sales training into income. As there is no other training like this one anywhere, don’t miss this opportunity to master persuasion and become an effective salesperson.

Our system is designed to help you achieve financial freedom by teaching you how to generate passive income streams that will keep money flowing into your bank account 24/7. 

With our step-by-step process, you’ll learn how to identify profitable opportunities, create a business plan, and implement strategies that will help you achieve your financial goals.

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future, then the Cash Flow Accelerator System is for you. 

Start generating the cash flow you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Introducing the NO MONEY DOWN SYSTEM – Massive Passive Property Pack!

With our Massive Passive Property Pack, you’ll learn:

  • How to invest in property with little or no money down
  • Proven strategies for generating passive income from property
  • Step-by-step instructions for finding and negotiating deals with motivated sellers
  • How to identify properties with the highest profit potential
  • Insider secrets for maximizing your returns with minimal effort
  • How to create long-term wealth and financial freedom through property investing


  • Why you don’t need to drop your price selling in today’s market
  • Essential thing you cannot afford to leave out of your marketing
  • How to pre-qualify clients, the questions to ask the forms to use
  • The process to buying investment property thousands below market

And much more!

Take the first step towards financial freedom and invest in the NO MONEY DOWN SYSTEM – Massive Passive Property Pack today!

With the help of this program and other programs that followed, many investors were saved and bought back to profitability.

Our detailed instructions will walk you through each step of the lease option procedure as well as,

  • The real reason sellers want buyers to complete on their lease option
  • Street smart ways to get paid if buyers or sellers muddle the paperwork
  • Exactly what type of property is perfect for lease options
  • How and why to never drop your price in a falling market and still profit
  • A gigantic beginner’s mistake which could cost you thousands
  • The 4 pre qualifying magic phrases to ask any potential tenant buyer
  • The three crucial documents you require to be successful
  • 40 years of in-depth expertise on everything that can go wrong and how to prevent it.
  • How to correctly price an option and the systems to be sure of being paid

We’ll make sure you get the option fee you deserve while avoiding the drawbacks of the rubber carrot approach with our street-smart strategies.

The audios, a buyer contact sheet, notice of option exercise, application form, and even sample lease option contracts for both buying from a vendor and selling to a buyer are all included in the Rent 2 Own Pack so don’t pass up this fantastic chance to transform your investment approach and add another arrow to your bow. The groundbreaking item that revolutionized creative real estate.

The Ultimate Cash Flow System is the solution! This technique will provide you the skills and demonstrate how to use owner-financing to produce up to thousands of dollars each month using insider information and effective strategies.

  • The 2 “beginner’s mistakes” which could end up costing you thousands
  • Exactly what type of property is perfect for making positive cash flow
  • 8 things you must do before working with an agent
  • Dirt- cheap way to promote your house to attract plenty of interest
  • The “5%” rule and how it will become your lifetime discount when buying
  • 6 ways to negotiate for big savings
  • you’ll discover my go-to POWER QUESTION for spotting overpriced homes
  • the four probable exit plans for your investment (and the one that virtually never succeeds), and how to turn positive cash flow into your very own business!
  • learn how to advertise your properties cheaply and draw in lots of potential buyers.
  • The “magic words” that ensure greater deposits and up-front cash from buyers, you’ll never lose profits again.

The Ultimate Cash Flow System was and still is your ticket to positive cash flow allowing you the freedom to choose which direction you want to go because you now have cash flow. Don’t pass up this chance to change your life!

This thorough handbook and audio course is brimming with insider information, tactics, and advice that will enable you to negotiate better terms and save money while avoiding costly blunders.

It is the guide you carry with you as you enter the owner finance industry.

With the Wrap Pack :

  • You will get our 4 killer questions for real estate agents, which can help you get a discount of over 15% on your next property purchase.
  • Together with a buyer contact sheet, property condition papers, and other tools to facilitate transactions, The Wrap Pack is also packed with legal forms and helpful letters.
With all of these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to handle even the trickiest real estate deals with assurance and comfort. 
And the Wrap Pack also comes with our exclusive guide to the top 15 mistakes people make when purchasing investment property.
Get the Wrap Pack so you have all the information and resources you need to make wise, well-informed decisions instead of taking the chance of making these possibly fatal errors on your own. 
Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to change the way you approach real estate and begin saving money, negotiating better terms, and making wiser investments! 

This program is predicated on the idea that communication isn’t just about what you say but also about how you express the words you say

Unlock the potential of every client call by learning with these Valuable insights by not just listening to the real actual live calls themselves but then the included debrief after, so you can identifying areas for improvement, and make every conversation count.

  • Listen to every call
    Break down each call so you can adapt and use some of the phone techniques used.
  • We show you how to get better deals.
  • Better terms negotiated, and how to maximize every transaction.

Dialing for Dollars/Pounds is the best tool for learning how to make cold calls and close deals, regardless of your level of sales experience. Join right away to begin dialing successfully! 

No matter which week of the training you’re in, you’ll benefit from hearing questions and insights from others just like you.

Over the 9 sessions,

  • We’ll guide you on the journey from having no deals or just 1-2 deals to establishing a consistent deal flow through our section called LAUNCH
  • Then with deal flow we now further breakdown the inputs to maximize returns in the next section called PROFIT
  • Finally, we plug in SCALE so you can leverage the system and not be bogged down and held back from really making the money by creating deals

Our proven approach focuses on three key areas that can make or break your success in real estate investing: launching your marketing with precision, maximizing profits from each and every deal, and scaling your portfolio strategically for long-term growth.

You’ll get, 3 introduction videos outlining in detail each of the three sections as each section is covered over 3 of the 9 week course

  • 9 independent set sessions approx. 90 minutes each
  • 9 interactive videos hosted by Rick
  • 9 complete training workbooks
  • 9 sets of forms process and method materials so you can complete

What if you could turn the tables and have them chasing after you? That’s where Powerful Questions to Persuade comes into – our proven system for attracting top professionals in the real estate industry to work with you.

Our program is built on the power of persuasive questioning, giving you the tools you need to position yourself as a valuable partner in any transaction. We teach you how to ask the right questions to uncover the needs and pain points of potential collaborators, and how to present yourself in a way that speaks to their interests.

But we don’t stop there – Powerful Questions to Persuade is also designed to help you build lasting relationships with your industry peers. We provide you with proven communication strategies that will help you establish trust, credibility, and rapport with accountants, agents, and mortgage brokers.

Whether you’re looking to expand your network, generate more leads, or close more deals, Powerful Questions to Persuade is the ultimate tool for success in the real estate industry. The strategies don’t work if you cannot excite people to employ them so this is the glue you need to take your business to the next level!

Elevate engagement, increase efficiency, close more deals and save time as these audios create money making interactions with clients.

  • How to use the jigsaw puzzle so people “get” you idea quickly
  • How to reframe so the road follows your direction
  • Know what your worth and how to charge for it
  • My favourite “Liar, Liar pants on fire” how to avoid it
  • Keeping the tools in the bag so your sale happens today
  • The “one point negotiation” never get “I want to think about it”
  • Learning the law of association
  • The profit in asking for help
  • Higher authority and how it works
  • Closing the gate , pineapple words and many many more

This groundbreaking audio series takes you on a journey through the advanced world of real estate including,

  • How to move from buyer to assistant seller so you can work from your hammock
  • Phases that will make you money

The ultimate solution for intelligent real estate communication that saves time and creates more business and closes more deals


Join us as we explore tried-and-true methods and cutting-edge approaches for success in the field of creative real estate.

With his years of expertise in the entertainment world, Rick Otton produces a fun and educational podcast.

He also brings years of experience to the table, giving insightful observations and insider information that you won’t find anywhere else. We cover all the basics and then some, from innovative finance solutions to cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Nevertheless, this isn’t just another uninteresting podcast because we keep things interesting, fun, and vibrant with spirited debates, motivational guest interviews, and engaging Q&A sessions.

Additionally, our programs were easily designed for on-the-go listening, so you can tune in anytime, anywhere.

This Classic Creative Property Podcast, which many trainers and educators listened to, is the definitive resource for learning the art of real estate investment, whether you’re an experienced pro or just getting started.

*This product is only available when purchasing the whole enchilada

This includes:

  • The workhorse reference manual & action guides
  • Educational video series students receive prior to the event
  • A video of the event cut into sections
  • Audios of the event cut into sections

Each strategy laid out and we have also included years of Rick’s 1 minute strategy reviews to lock in content learned the day prior.


  • The 4 questions to ask on the phone and watch the role play
  • The step process of having properties sell themselves
  • Rick’s 40 years mastery of language pattens & maps
  • Every possible seller and buyer question answered

And never before seen or heard!

Rick explaining the subconscious influence used in the structured setup that made these events so popular for so long. (a must have for event organizers).

Contexts in which they should be used, words to avoid, and the underlying metalanguage are all discussed.

In addition, by the end of the course, you will discover how to “WEIGHT” your words in order to discreetly affect a conversation. Real-world language maps (or “scripts”) and word patterns will be offered to assist you in avoiding typical communication mistakes.

You’ll learn to ride out economic storms, adapt to changing market conditions, and keep your clients happy, even when faced with uncertainty.

This course is genuinely remarkable and should be taken by everyone who is serious about being an entrepreneur, salesperson, or business owner in today’s environment.

My wife left the world of corporate advertising to focus on selling houses, and she was so thorough that she created a comprehensive plan so that the person succeeding her could easily follow it. It was the perfect guide to getting started, and it could have been called “The House Business for Dummies.” This program covers every single detail, from the process to the checks and balances and all of the forms.

The 8 Questions

The most effective way to control a sale is to ask questions

  • What are the 8 questions and how to use them
  • The 4 essential quadrants of the sales cycle
  • The dynamics of body language and language positioning
  • Questions that help you deal with objections that may arise
  • Direct and Indirect questioning
  • Understanding your prospects situation by asking questions
  • Provide solutions by asking questions
  • Staying in control of a conversation
  • Act like Columbo

7 Steps of Negotiation

Each time you negotiate, you’re influencing someone else’s behavior. How do you make those choices? Most people act on the basis of instinct (ie. without really thinking), or on the basis of what seems to have worked for them or for others in the past.

We present the 7 steps of a negotiation which gives you the skills to influence and control the conversation or negotiation at hand.

3 Types of Questions

Questions must always come in packets of 3, which should lead your sellers or buyers to an expectation or direction that you want them to go – which means, closing the deal!

Here we introduce you to the 3 types of questions and what you achieve from each question. With the examples provided you will be able to identify the difference between:

  • A open ended question
  • A controlled question
  • A closed ended question


  • Helps us visualize the process as providing a clear and concise way to understand the flow of a process or procedure. They help to visualize the steps involved, identify potential bottlenecks, and improve efficiency.
  • Flowcharts also provide a common language for everyone involved in a process or procedure. They help to communicate information clearly and effectively, and minimize misunderstandings.

Mind Maps:

  • Enhance memory retention by the use a combination of colors, images, and text to make information more memorable. They help to reinforce concepts and aid in recall.
  • Reduce stress as they provide a clear outline of what needs to be done. They help to alleviate anxiety and increase confidence in completing tasks.


  • Increase efficiency with our checklists to ensure that all necessary steps are completed in a systematic and efficient manner. This will help to reduce errors and improve productivity.
  • Reduce stress as they provide a clear outline of what needs to be done. They help to alleviate anxiety and increase confidence in completing tasks.

Overall, flowcharts, mind maps, and checklists can all help to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. They are valuable tools for planning, organizing, and executing tasks, and can be used in a wide range of settings, from business to education to personal life.

Students have built successful businesses by purchasing run-down houses and then hiring others to put in sweat equity by renovating, remodelling, decorating, and renting them out for a profit.

Meet the IT worker who paid for his six years of law school with this approach alone, and see Rick demonstrate the entire process from start to finish on national television.

While distinctively advertising that “you fix you profit”

If you’re interested in real estate earnings but don’t feel like getting your hands filthy, this is the programme for you.


  • Which kind of house is most effective?
  • Finding the Best Candidates
  • Guidelines for error prevention
  • The routine that you always follow

These modules are the blueprint to close deals like a pro with tools to win over sellers, increase revenue, and achieve mastery with subliminal marketing to have your real estate offer or service the ideal and only solution.

  • How to get people to sign the documents
  • How to present a written offer or proposal
  • How to set up successful meetings
  • How to ask for discounts
  • How to get people happy with you making a profit

*This product is only available when purchasing the whole enchilada

Here we unleash the ultimate Power of Visual Communication!

Are you looking to make a lasting impression with customers and be noticed then you need this
The most inexpensive way to advertise but the most profitable if you do it correctly.
When it comes to the pros and cons of bandit signs you need this

  • How to write one
  • where to actually locate it
  • what to write and what to leave off
  • the colors that work
  • The designs that sell

With inclusion of many examples of what to do and what not to do so you can see for yourself how important small details can be exclusive Signs Package. Your success is our priority!

*This product is only available when purchasing the whole enchilada

Over many decades of personal experience as well as that of students these are the 22 that everybody muck and mess up so here are the programs you need to mentally own as they will save you a fortune
They include:

  • The flowchart and road map to transacting it all remote
  • Clauses to have in your contracts
  • How do I know if it’s a deal?
  • Answers to sellers questions and what are they?
  • Property discounts besides the price
  • Online marketing, systems, methods and process
  • How to spot a motivated seller

And many many more …a must have

The Negative Gearing Rescue Pack is here to save the day when a rescue is necessary. This pack will show you how to convert your properties with negative cash flow into positive cash flowing machines using strong methods and smart thinking. 

  • We will help you discover the hidden negative gearing charges that are destroying your cashflow and how to turn it all around.
  • Use innovative financing strategies to boost your cash flow and cut costs.
  • Use owner financing to establish advantageous circumstances for both you and your buyers.
  • Use tax breaks and incentives to increase your returns.

Stop wasting money that is preventing you from moving forward. You can achieve financial independence and a better future with the help of the Negative Gearing Rescue Pack.
Get your rescue kit right away to wave goodbye to declining cash flow and hello to profitable growth!

We have included artificial intelligence avatars to provide the perfect answer to any potential issue raised by a potential customer
Rick’s 40 years mastery in subliminal science, kinesics and talk language keep the buyer engagement by delivering “simple, fun, easy, I can do it” answers reducing anxiety, yet delivering to keep the conversation “above the line” and moving forward to completed sale
This program is video and audio and we also cover,

  • Questions on the phone
  • Questions at the phone
  • Situations that made arise after or before the event
  • How to handle any situation (and we have seen them all)
  • How to handle the invited expert
  • We address Buyers legal questions
  • Explaining the “how does it work”
  • Addressing “I want to think about it”

This program can only be obtained when purchasing the whole enchilada and will be added automatically to that purchase

*This product is only available when purchasing the whole enchilada